A space for ideas 

Deep Space is an online gallery that gives digital space to artists and people for their exploratory ideas and experiments. Launched as a counterpoint to the high-pressure, product-oriented art world that is inaccessible to many, we (by which I mean "I", but "we" sounds more professional, so I'm going to use that) hope to give agency to underrepresented peoples to delve into the act of creating a show without the restrictions of time, money, geographical location, physical ability, or space.

Because Deep Space isn't an actual physical space, exhibitions can be whatever the artist wants them to be. Focused on art-making as the cultivation of ideas rather than the creation of an object, we give artists the freedom to submit sketches, mock-ups, images, or just scribbled out ideas on a napkin as their show. Artists are encouraged, but not required to use the digital image of Deep Space as a pseudo-physical space, which was created by compiling images of various galleries around the country.

Our goal is to foster thoughtfully-formed and cohesive show ideas complete with exhibition titles and artist statements, but, because Deep Space requires the creation of no physical work, we hope to do this with a strong focus on process and exploration rather than an end product. In a world of tight deadlines, high expectations, and little funding for contemporary artists, Deep Space is a place where artists can have fun, push themselves, and answer to no one but their own weird ass selves.

~Deep Space is meant to be a place to put the ideas that are floating around artists' head that are either infeasible due to skill, time, money, space, or physical impossibility~

Deep Space was started by Seattle-based artist and curator Satpreet Kahlon in February 2017.